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LDL-C and risk of recurrent vascular events in patients with ischaemic stroke


Investigators from HKU Stroke recently followed-up 904 ischaemic stroke patients for an average of 7 years. We noted that regardless of whether patients had any significant atherosclerosis affecting the large arteries supplying the brain, those who achieved an average low density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C, ‘bad cholesterol’) <1.8mmol/L had a 35-50% lower risk of another stroke, heart attack or death, compared to those who achieved an average LDL-C ≥1.8mmol/L. Our results highlight the importance of aggressive cholesterol control in patients with ischaemic stroke.

The research article can be accessed via:

HKU Stroke and Sau Po Centre on Ageing recently launched the “WeRISE” App. The “WeRISE” App is a ‘one-stop’ platform for stroke patients and caregivers combating stroke.

Users of the “WeRISE” App can easily monitor and optimise their vascular risk factors such as blood pressure, sugars and cholesterol to prevent the risk of a stroke or heart attack. Tips on healthy diet as well as recommended recipes from accredited dietitians could also be found within the App!

More about the “WeRISE” App:


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