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Stroke is the second most common cause of death globally and a major cause of disability and institutionalisation. Rehabilitation is very important to the recovery of stroke patients in their mobility and reducing the complication of limb function. Through physical therapy and occupational therapy training, stroke patients can re-learn limb controlling and regain their mobility, thereby facilitate their self-care skills and social integration. In addition to rehabilitation training in the hospitals and rehabilitation centres, stroke patients would try their best to continue daily rehabilitation training at home for faster recovery.


In view of this, the HKU Sports AI Laboratory, HKU Stroke and the Hong Kong Society of Rehabilitation, developed the Smart Rehab App for stroke survivors! A smart rehabilitation mobile App!


Main features of Smart Rehab App:

- Allowing stroke survivors to train at home

- Any time, any location

- Computer vision-based pose estimation for analysing the motion accuracy 

- Monitoring your own rehab progression

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Patients using SmartRehab
to faciliate home rehabilitation

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Range of exercises to suit individual’s needs

Demonstration by physiotherapists

Real-time feedback

Fine motor movements
(in development)

Results can be recorded
and sent back to therapists

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Telerehabilitation by doctor/therapist

Activity map

Traffic light system for assessing completeness and compliance to exercise plan

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Therapist's portal for exercise prescription and to facilitate telerehabilitation

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Impact & Potential

Supported by the World Stroke Organization to test the feasibility, usability and acceptability of SmartRehab in 7 countries outside of Hong Kong
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SmartRehab can also be used for other neurological, musculoskeletal, and cardiopulmonary conditions necessitating rehabilitation. For examples:
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