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About Us

Our Mission

We strive to understand what causes stroke, how to better prevent and manage it,

and are passionate in improving the well-being of stroke patients and their caregivers.




Preventing Stroke

Prevention is always better than cure. Our group researches the causes of stroke and how to improve prevention. Our past research informs us that hypertensive patients with large fluctuations in blood pressure are at higher risk of stroke and have a poorer prognosis if stroke occurs.


We have shown that various diets, in particular the Mediterranean diet, as well as foods rich in isoflavones and garlic help protect against stroke.

Our group has also shown that diastolic blood pressure may be an under-estimated risk factor for occurrence of stroke and cognitive disorders at older age.

Compared with Caucasians, Chinese have a higher burden of cerebral small vessel disease (an important cause of stroke and dementia) and much of our current research focuses on understanding the reasons behind this observation as well as the treatment implications for cerebral small vessel disease.


Gary Lau_c.png
Gary Lau_c.png

Dr. Kay Cheong TEO

Deputy Director


Research Academic Team

Dr. William

Dr. William C.Y. LEUNG


Dr. Preeti VIRWANI

Research Associate (Part-time)

Mr. Tianze LIN

Research Assistant (Part-time)

Ms. Joyce TUET

Multimedia Officer

Dr. Debbie WONG

Senior Research and Analysis Officer

Ms. Linda LAU

Research Nurse (Part-time)

Ms. Ada TSE

Project Manager

Ms. Roxanna LIU

Research Nurse

Ms. Crystal LEE

Research Assistant

Ms. Olivia CHOI

Research Officer

Graduate Students

Ms. Olivia WANG

Ms. Olivia WANG

Graduate Student

Ms. Ashely LAM

Ms. Ashely LAM

Graduate Student

Ms. Bernice LEUNG

Ms. Bernice LEUNG

Graduate Student

Mr. Adrian SO

Mr. Adrian SO

Graduate Student

Ms. Mandy CHAN

Ms. Mandy CHAN

Graduate Student

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