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The Journey from Stroke to Rehabilitation | Acute Stroke & Hospital Admission


Stroke is one of the most common causes of disability and dementia. In Hong Kong, about 3,000 people die of stroke every year. Many studies show that stroke is becoming prevalent amongst young adults. Therefore, stroke prevention is essential.

HKUStroke recently initiated “The Journey from Stroke to Rehabilitation”, a series of three-episode educational videos providing stroke information for stroke patients, their caregivers and the public.

In this episode, “The Journey from Stroke to Rehabilitation | Acute Stroke & Hospital Admission”, we will introduce the symptoms of stroke and the slogan “FAST”, as well as the importance of the golden time for treating stroke. Vascular neurologists and neurosurgeons will also explain the preparation before admission of acute stroke patients into the hospital and the methods of diagnosis and treatment afterwards.

“The Journey from Stroke to Rehabilitation | Acute Stroke & Hospital Admission”:

We encourage you to adopt a healthy lifestyle and diet to reduce stroke risk effectively!

Download WeRISE App to learn more health tips for stroke prevention and other diseases prepared by the Hong Kong Dietitians Association through:

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Watch “The Journey from Stroke to Rehabilitation | Rehabilitation after Stroke” video to learn more about the rehabilitation services for stroke patients and caregivers:


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