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The Journey from Stroke to Rehabilitation | Rehabilitation after Discharge


Stroke is the second leading cause of death and a major cause of disability worldwide. Every year, more than 15,000 people in Hong Kong have first or new. As the burden of caregivers is heavy, the post-hospital information is supportive for them.

#HKUStroke has initiated [The Journey from Stroke to Rehabilitation], a series of three-episode educational videos regarding to provide stroke patients and caregivers the stroke information. In this episode [Rehabilitation after Discharge], medical social workers of the Patient Resource Center of the Queen Mary Hospital will introduce the services provided by for stroke patients and caregivers, and introduce various NGOs in the community such as #TheHongKongSocietyforRehabilitation, #StJamesSettlement, #AberdeenKaifongWelfareAssociationServicesCentre and #HongKongShengKungHuiWelfareCouncil, etc. They provide post-hospital rehabilitation and emotional support services for stroke patients and caregivers, accompany the road to recovery.

Besides watching the videos to understanding stroke, you can also use the "WeRISE" app, a “one-stop” mobile management platform for both stroke patients and their caregivers, to facilitate timely risk factor control and management of stroke patients to prevent them from developing another stroke. In addition, the in-app function "Resource Map" is user-friendly to search for information of rehabilitation centres, hospitals, clinics and residential care homes sort by district.

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