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"Golden Age Exhibition and Summit 2023" has successfully come to an end


We truly appreciate all of your support for visiting our booth in the past 3 days at The Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. We are delighted to have shared and exchanged insights on stroke prevention and management, displayed HKU Stroke's research findings in the previous year, and the application of innovative technologies to facilitate stroke rehabilitation. Through conducting health checks and counseling, including blood pressure measurement and atrial fibrillation screening, we are hoping to raise public awareness about the importance of stroke prevention and management, especially the growing prevalence of young strokes, as well as stroke risk factors such as "3 highs"; and provide comprehensive support for stroke families to fight against stroke together with multi-disciplinary strategies!

We will strive to continue our research into the risk factors, prevention and treatment of stroke, and we look forward to future opportunities to collaborate with various disciplines and institutions!


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