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Dietary Tips for Management of “bad” LDL cholesterol


Many studies showed that cardiovascular diseases and stroke are prevailing amongsts young adults. It is believed that unhealthy lifestyle and poor diet are the main causes of high “bad” lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol, which is a major risk factor of stroke.

In this video, Dr. Gary Kui Kai Lau, Clinical Associate Professor from HKU Neurology and Dr. Chan Chi Pan, Specialist in Cardiology will explain the close correlation of cholesterol level and stroke, as well as effective ways to control “bad” LDL cholesterol level to reduce stroke risk.

Hypercholesterolemia often exists with no obvious signs, it is suggested to keep monitoring blood cholesterol level through regular blood test. If you are diagnosed with early stroke symptoms, please consult the doctor for professional advice and treatment. A healthy cholesterol level is of paramount importance for stroke prevention. We strongly encourage you to actively adopt a healthy lifestyle and eating habit to maintain good health!

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