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Asia Pacific Stroke Conference 2023

HKU Stroke had the privilege of participating in The Asia Pacific Stroke Conference 2023, which was co-hosted by the Asia Pacific Stroke Organisation and Hong Kong Stroke Society at the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park. Our team presented 16 free paper, oral, and poster presentations on various topics related to the prevention, prognosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of ischemic stroke, intracerebral haemorrhage, and transient ischaemic attack. We are thrilled to share that our team received several awards: Elton Yeung was awarded the HK Stroke Society Prize for Medical Students for his Free Paper Presentation on automated tele-rehabilitation; Grace Lee was awarded the Best Free Paper Presentation Award for her Free Paper Presentation on recurrent intracerebral haemorrhage; and Robert Ho was awarded the Best Poster Award for his Poster Presentation on gut-brain axis.


We are grateful for the opportunity to share our research with the stroke community. We look forward to continuing to advance research on stroke prevention and management.


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