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Stroke and Rehabilitation | HOY TV

The 173rd episode of HOY TV's <Health Concern Group> focused on stroke and rehabilitation has recently interviewed Dr Gary Kui Kai Lau, Clinical Associate Professor of HKU Neurology, and Director of HKU Stroke, who discussed the symptoms and treatment of stroke in the episode. Ms. Joanne Chan, a registered physiotherapist and the manager of the Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation, also highlighted the role of physiotherapists in helping stroke patients during the recovery process, which covered various stages of the recovery period, starting from hospitalization and progressing to rehabilitation training and community support. She also shared the challenges that stroke patients are facing and introduced how SmartRehab, a AI-powered automated solution facilitates home-based rehabilitation. The app enables therapists to track patients' recovery progress and adjust the level of exercises based on movement statistics, thereby facilitates the recovery.


Watch the episode:

Part 1 - Symptoms and treatment of stroke:


Part 2 - Stroke rehabilitation | SmartRehab:

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 More details about SmartRehab:


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