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Chronic Kidney Disease Recipes

Pear and barley breakfast porridge (1 serve)

Dietitian’s Tips: 

Pear is a low potassium fruit which is suitable for CKD patients who need to control their potassium intake. Choosing ripen and soft pear, and slightly smashing it with the spoon when stir in can add more sweetness to the porridge. Barley has relatively lower phosphate compared to oats, which is suitable for CKD patients who need to limit their dietary phosphate amount. 

High fiber fungus slaw (2 serves)

Dietitian’s Tips:

Black fungus and snow fungus are high in fibre, which help to promote regular bowel movement. Their phosphate and potassium content are relatively low as well. By pre-soaking and parboiling, it can help to further reduce the potassium level.

Cauliflower and chicken curry (1 serve)

Dietitian’s Tips:

Pumpkin is high in potassium, by cutting into small cubes and soaking in water, then parboiling it can help to reduce the amount of potassium. When making the curry, you may mash the pumpkin to bring out its sweetness.

Quick Turnip Cake (5 pieces)