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What is Stroke? | RTHK AM621 CIBS radio programme <耆遇.耆願>

Stroke is the second most common cause of death worldwide, and there is rising prevalence of young stroke in recent years. Thus, stroke prevention is important for all ages through healthy lifestyle and dietary habits.


RTHK AM621 CIBS radio programme titled <耆遇.耆願> begins with introducing the symptoms and signs of stroke in a storytelling perspective. Dr Gary Kui Kai Lau, Clinical Associate Professor of HKU Neurology, as well as Director of HKU Stroke explained the causes, symptoms, and treatments of stroke and featured some rehabilitation resources and psychological counselling services available in the community to support stroke survivors in their re-integration into society. In the programme, Dr Lau also shared the WeRISE App, which is a one-stop platform for stroke risk factors management and multimedia-rich educational materials.


💜Listen to the radio programme via RTHK AM621 CIBS’s website:  <耆遇.耆願> - Episode 9 <愛不太遲>

02:45 – 13:00 Story | 14:00 – 52:00 Dr’s sharing


💜To learn more about our latest activities and information of stroke, feel free to visit the HKU Stroke website:


💜To access the WeRISE App for stroke prevention and management:


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