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Stroke & Dysphagia Support


Dysphagia affects most stroke survivors. Doctors and speech therapists generally suggest stroke patients with swallowing difficulties have a soft diet to reduce the risk of choking. However, soft foods can be unpalatable, contributing to meal skipping and malnutrition risk. In addition, taking care of patients with dysphagia may increase the caregiver's stress level.

This video introduces the support for stroke survivors and patients with dysphagia provided by Care Food and HKU Stroke:

🧡 Care Food guidelines and soft diet recipes:

🧡 Easy and tasty soft diet recipes tailor-made for patients with swallowing difficulties designed by dietitians in HKU Stroke website:

🧡Download WeRISE App for more dietary advice: ‘WeRISE’ App Homepage > Learning Platform > Other Resources > Dietary Resources


Download the ‘WeRISE’ App with the link below:

Google Play Store:

Apple App Store:



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