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Let’s celebrate 25+Years Anniversary of Hong Kong Stroke Association

We truly appreciate the Hong Kong Stroke Association’s (HKSA) continuous effort in empowering stroke patients and their caregivers which has been expanding its scope of services to a wide range of support throughout the years.

“How to reduce salt intake in the prevention of stroke?”

“Community support services for stroke patients and their caregivers” & “How to lower the risk factors of stroke by the Mediterranean diet?”

To raise awareness of the prevalence of young stroke, HKU Stroke has collaborated with HKSA in the production of a short film titled “If I were to choose again (多一次選擇)”. The short film describes how a typical working class in Hong Kong, struggles to strive for a balance between a busy work life and healthy eating and lifestyle, which has been the culprit of increasing the risk factors of “3 Highs” and stroke. We are hoping to raise public awareness of stroke prevention, especially for the younger generation.

💜To watch the short film online, please feel free to check out the link below:

HKU Stroke will carry on the mission to foster collaboration and offer the greatest support to all stroke patients and their caregivers to improve their quality of life!


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