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Learn about “FAST” | Hong Kong Stroke Society

Early diagnosis and treatment of stroke are crucial in managing the complications of stroke. In recent years, there is a rising prevalence of young stroke, so it is important for everyone to learn about the common symptoms of stroke to protect themselves and their loved ones.


To raise the awareness of stroke prevention, the Hong Kong Stroke Society has collaborated with a local renowned illustrator to produce a short video introducing the stroke slogan “FAST" in a lively and interesting manner. The elements in "FAS" represent common symptoms of stroke: ‘Facial weakness’, ‘Arm weakness’, ‘Speech problems’, and ‘Time to call 999’ when one experiences the abovementioned symptoms.


Watch the video:


【McDull X Hong Kong Stroke Society Health Exhibition】will be held from January 29th to February 11th at Times Square covered piazza in Causeway Bay, featuring information about stroke prevention and management. Welcome to join us at the exhibition!


Feel free to visit our website for more information on the causes, symptoms, and prevention of stroke.


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