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Doctor and You - Retinal Vascular Occlusion series (4 Episodes)


“Doctor and You(醫生與你)”, a RTHK TV program focused on healthcare topics, has produced 4 episodes on Retinal vascular occlusion (RVO) in Cantonese. They are now available on Youtube and can be accessed via the following links:

Episode 1 (#35)

Focus: Definition, classification and causes of RVO

Episode 2 (#36)

Focus: Diagnosis of RVO and treatments related to arterial occlusion

Episode 3 (#37)

Focus: Diagnosis of RVO and treatments related to retinal vein-occlusion

Episode 4 (#38)

Focus: Relationship of RVO with stroke and how to prevent RVO


Dr Lawrence IU, ,

Councillor of The Hong Kong Ophthalmological Society,


Dr Gary LAU,

Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine,

The University of Hong Kong,


Dr Wing Yin LIN,

Professional Consultant,

Integrative Medical Centre,

Faculty of Medicine,

The Chinese University of Hong Kong,

Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner


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