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To All Daddy ~ Doctors Introduce the Risk and Prevention of Stroke


Mr. Lee was invited by Ming Pao to share his journey from stroke to rehabilitation.

One day, Mr. Lee suddenly developed one-sided weakness and was unable to speak. Luckily his friends sent him to the A&E where he arrived within the golden 4.5 hour window for stroke treatment. This saved his life. He would now like to raise public awareness of stroke by sharing his story.

Dr. Gary Kui Kai Lau, Neurology and Dr. Chan Ki Wan Kelvin, Cardiology were also invited to talk about the risks for and prevention of stroke, as well as emphasising the importance of prompt treatment. Do not hesitate to call for help if you suspect signs of stroke, even in the midst of the pandemic. WeRISE App can help stroke patients and their caregivers record and manage their health parameters, and gain access to resources that will optimise their health.

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